Special Applications

New specialty applications are frequently arising for Triodetic Space Frames. Some of these are shown here. Triodetic undertakes substantial research and development in relation to its space frame technology, new applications, as well as new materials and innovations.


Triodetic has designed and installed the support framing for the newest park attraction (with ProSlide, leader in waterpark slides) in scores of locations.

Installations feature in locations ranging from hurricane zones in Florida, to seismic zones in California, and to heavy snow belts in Wisconsin, as well as internationally. You’ll find our installations as far afield as Australia’s Eastern Gold Coast.

The Tornado slide shown is one of several innovative space frame designs that won the 2005 International best new amusement park ride, eclipsing roller-coasters for the very first time.

The Tornado Slide
The Tornado Slide

This 70ft high ride is proving to be an anchor attraction for park operators as it offers an endless variety for rafters. Northern installations are supplied with a transparent dome enclosure to allow continuous use through the winter months.

Installations include:

  • Six Flags
  • Great Wolf Lodge
  • Dreamworld (Queensland, Australia)
  • Wet N Wild (Queensland, Australia)
  • Universal Studios


The versatility of the Triodetic Space Frame system makes it perfect for custom architectural structures and displays for theming, displays, special exhibits and other building or park features.

We welcome custom design work of all kinds. Contact us with a dimensioned sketch of your concept and we will develop a priced proposal for your project.

Cinesphere dome at Ontario Place
Cinesphere at Ontario Place in Toronto, Canada is the world’s first permanent IMAX movie theatre.


The Triodetic Bridge offers a unique structure that can be installed in remote locations with minimal labor.

Using our patented Tube and Hub connection, the bridge is assembled in modules or sections with temporary scaffolding.

Without the need for welding or bolting of assemblies and no heavy equipment required for erecting, the bridge can be installed with less effect on the surrounding environment.

A bridge constructed using Triodetic bridge technology
One example of the Triodetic bridge

The lightweight construction is another key benefit, as less loading on abutment supports reduces the need for extreme footings or piers.

Triodetic Bridges can be used as pedestrian or cart bridges on golf courses, span over creeks and rivers on park trails and environmental marsh areas, and even be designed for vehicular traffic.

Multipoint Foundations

For 40 years, Triodetic has been providing the only real alternative foundation solution for buildings located on unstable soils, such as permafrost regions, those subject to frequent flooding and brownfield location sites.

The Triodetic foundation—Multipoint Foundations—consists of an engineered steel or aluminum rigid platform which sits on the top of the soil itself and keeps the building level and straight regardless of soil heaving and settling due to frost or sinking.

Unlike piles or screw jacks, which always move and shift over time causing structural damage, Multipoint Foundations never allow damage to the integrity of the building.

Ideal for residential, commercial and modular applications with 40 years of successful projects in Canada, Norway, Russia and United States (Alaska, California, New Jersey).

The multipoint foundation in action on a building site.
The Multipoint Foundation for unstable soils