Triodetic’s framing allows for unique long-lasting designs including vertical, inclined, or curved glass walls to span further and withstand high winds.

Triodetic’s tube framing with our unique hub connection is economical, quick, and easy to construct in any profile or location desired.

  • Can be assembled with a soft hammer and two wrenches
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Visually appealing
  • Pre-engineered for structural integrity
  • Perfect for glass structures and designs


Studies show museums with intriguing geometry generate higher public interest and better attendance. Despite the many challenges for structures with unique free-form roofs, Triodetic has mastered dealing with unbalanced loading, geometrically intricate cladding systems and unrestrained cantilevers for column supports. Triodetic’s innovative hub connection system and precision engineered tubular structures allow for:

  • Structures of any shape, span and loading
  • Optimized minimalistic design
  • Fast, easy, and convenient delivery and construction at any location
  • Use of the finest, most durable materials and finishes

Architectural Projects