Barrel Vaults

The curvature of the elements in a structure offers more than just a visual appreciation. It allows the structural design stage, incorporating the theory of Arco. The use of steel and aluminum as the main material in the structure provides a large axial and flexural strength, in this way it is possible to achieve great free lights. In addition, arched structures can be created longitudinal great length to be expanded in cross section with relatively small strut. Also allows the design of building entrances shelters, curved walls including glass. Triodetic each vault designed specifically for the loads and geometry that are characteristic of each place and adapts to conditions that are available to support the structure. To the extent that a structure in cross section arcuate strut possesses decreased, larger horizontal forces are exerted on its supports, which can not always be contained by the junctions. The vaults can be widely used in remodeling applications to cover a patio or existing area. Triodetic design has the potential of steel or aluminum covered with minimal weight and fit any existing support location.

Its advanced design allows design and construction vaults using a single layer of elements which will keep a close dependence on the free light cover, place and charges that apply. The Vaults can be assembled without scaffolding, or assembled in sections and hoisted to its final position later, with or without lining attached.