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Highland Valley Copper Stockpile Domes - Logan Lake, BC

Highland Valley Copper Stockpile Domes - Logan Lake, British Columbia

Dust emissions were problematic for our client (Teck Resources) when it was not possible to spray the ore on the conveyor belts with water to reduce dust.

To minimize dust emission, Triodetic was contacted to design and fabricate three 100 m diameter by 35 m high Geodesic Dome structures to cover each of the three stockpiles. The domes were designed with intent that the stockpiles would remain operational during the entire construction period.  Triodetic designed the domes using a tubular Triodetic frame structure in galvanized steel and a galvanized steel cladding system. Each dome has a basic diameter of 325 feet, and an overall surface area of 114,375 square feet.

Dome cladding is a curved corrugated galvanized steel deck with custom formed galvanized steel infill panels.

The maple leaf on the centre dome is made of 864 metal sheets and is bigger than a football field. It is 100 metres wide and 80 metres high.


Veladero Gold Mine Dome, San Juan Argentina

DOME Stockpile Enclosure
: Minera Argentina Gold S.A.
Engineer: SNC Lavalin, Toronto
Diameter: 50m (150ft),
Rise: 27m (80ft)
Designed for seismic IV,
unbalanced snow & 145mph wind loads

Veladero Gold Mine Dome Veladero Gold Mine Dome

Copper Ore Stockpile Enclosure, Escondida, Chile

Toroids for 200' x 500' enclosure (160,000mt)
: 60m (200ft), Rise: 30m (100ft)
Seismic Zone 4
Owner: Minera Escondida Limitada (MEL)
Project Partners: BHP Billington, Duke 
Power, Fluor Daniel Chile, Bechtel, 
Yolles, Cade-Idepe Montayes Delta 
Limitada, Santiago Chile

Stockpile material is deposited via the 8m x 9m roof gantry along the crown of the structure. These severe line loads & dynamic forces are transmitted to the foundations via 14 lateral steel arch trusses spaced 12m apart. The design allows for any single truss becoming ineffective in the event of equipment malfunction. Triodetic framing between the trusses is designed as a series of curved single layer shells (toroids) spanning 200ft x 50ft and rising to 100ft at the roof apex. The frame sections were all pre-assembled at ground level & sequentially positioned with stand-off brackets to accept linear horizontal purlins, curved decking & translucent panels. The end walls are designed as vertical two layer space frames & were installed as two pre-assemblies. The walls require no intermediate foundations & can be re-located in their assembled state in the future when the stockpile & building length are extended. Other advantages of the Triodetic solution beyond the prime purpose of dust suppression, included avoidance of scaffolding & working at height, reduced foundation loads versus an A-frame building alternative, added space for material handling equipment, and an efficient construction sequence that held this activity off the project critical path.

Stockpile Enclosure Stockpile Enclosure Stockpile Enclosure Stockpile Enclosure

Industrial Stockpile Enclosures & Tank Roofs

Triodetic space frame structures offer a competitive solution for long span stockpile enclosures and for tank roofs in bulk materials mining, processing & terminal facilities. Triodetic space frame design domes, composite shapes, & longitudinal enclosures are available in Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Timber & Polycarbonate to suit almost any structure size, load or corrosive environment.