Experienced & Reliable Single-Source Supplier
Triodetic has successfully completed many thousands of space frame installations in a wide variety of environments for over forty years. As originator and developer of the Triodetic product, our experience in space frame design, manufacture and construction have allowed us to refine our methods and techniques, so that all stages of the project progress correctly and expediently. We work closely with specialist suppliers (e.g. glazing, tensile fabric) either as prime contractor or sub-Contractor to ensure the final installation is completed as specified.

Triodetic's vigilance in ensuring a safe working environment is illustrated by zero lost time injuries or serious incidents on any of its construction sites throughout its history. We have developed & maintained safe and proven construction methods, properly trained personnel. No component exceeds the lifting capability of individual workers. In-place assembly is achieved using man-baskets with every worker properly tethered. Wherever possible, ground-level pre-assembly allows the structure, with or without glazing or decking to be crane-lifted into final position, thereby minimizing hazards to other trades on site.

Simplicity & Assembly Guidance
Assembly of the Triodetic System requires only simple hand tools - local unskilled labor or contractors can efficiently build any architectural structure. All components are pre-fabricated, factory coated & supplied as a kit. Each item has a unique identifying mark & a single bolt completes the connection of all members at each node. Triodetic can provide full-time or part-time experienced supervision & guidance or complete project management if needed.

Optimum Program for each site
Triodetic will propose the most realistic construction program based on site conditions such as access, staging space, ground condition, equipment availability, & concurrent site work. Project acceleration sometimes is possible by increasing crew size or altering the pre-assembly/lifting sequence. In cases of poor weather or unavailability of cranes, construction of spaceframe sub-assemblies can proceed under cover.