About Us

TRIODETIC designs, manufactures & builds:

  • Architectural building Roofs, Walls & Entrances
  • Ore Stockpile Enclosures and Tank Roofs
  • Interior & Exterior Displays & Features
  • Special Applications: Waterslides, Tensile Fabric
  • Structures, Golf Bridges, Foundations, Towers, Solar
  • Frames, Radar platforms etc.

Our competitiveness arises from an innovative jointing system & advanced engineering for tubular structures that allow:

  • Any structure, Shape, Span & Loading
  • Optimized minimum mass design
  • Durable materials & finishes (Galvanized & Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Composites, & Factory-applied Finishes)
  • Fast Delivery & Construction in Any Location

For more than 50 years, Triodetic has been recognized internationally for its expertise in design & construction of space-frames, domes, shell & free-form structures with all product compliant with sustainable building requirements. Triodetic is credited with numerous industry awards & many landmark projects throughout North America, Caribbean, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia & the Pacific, China, & Middle East.

Triodetic maintains high engineering standards and talented management to consistently ensure the design, construction & service requirements of each structure & application are affordably achieved.

Plaintree Systems Inc. is a very diversified company with proprietary technology and manufacturing capabilities in structural design, aerospace and telecommunications.  All of our divisions invest heavily in research and development of new and improved products.